Athletic Program Services 

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Price is $650per month for 4 months (SAVING YOU $150 PER MONTH)


  • Automatic mast raise safety interlock – Prevents the chance of mast lowering unless correct operation used
  • GFCI electrical safety isolation – Instant power off should an electrical problem occur
  • Independently adjustable legs – Allows installation in uneven surfaces
  • Built-in level gauge – Ensures proper vertical mast raise
  • Operator level luminaire on/off switch – No need to lower mast to turn luminaries on and off
  • Integrated manual winch with automatic brake – Allows safe raising/lowering of the mast
  • Individual, fully adjustable light heads – Allows light to be adjusted to suit any application
  • Hard wearing powder coated paint finish – Suitable for use in outdoor environments
  • Automatic stowage lock – Prevents mast movement in storage or transport


Please contact for delivery fees and options.

4 Month Portable Light Rental